AI is only as good as the data that built it.

Coldpress ensures your data is in great shape so your AI kicks ass.
Our Story

Data annotation is stuck in the vicious cycle of low-cost human-powered annotation and manual labour intensive nuts and bolts of the foundation of AI.

We want to bring AI-enabled data preparation mainstream, and create positive social impact along the way.

Our Vision

Dealing with AI infrastructure today is akin to building a website from scratch.

With Coldpress AI, merging data-based intelligence into your app/site/workflow should be as simple as creating a website with Wordpress.

Our Advantage

Fast, reliable, and easy access to all data requirements to kick-start your AI journey. We speak your language - any data format, and schema for input and output.


From data annotation and cleaning to testing data generation to accuracy testing - everything on API-enabled SLAs.


Industries and  data we deal with

Most modern industries today have a need for smart data processing. From eCommerce to self-driving cars to healthcare, access to a high quality data corpus is invaluable for most companies.

As for data that we deal with here at Coldpress, in a word - all. In more words, the following:


Coldpress AI Impact

A significant motivation for us

Coldpress AI is a company with positive impact at its core. We hire annotation workers from underprivileged backgrounds and train them in our cutting edge technologies and processes. For many, this is their first chance at a career with growth.

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