The road to AI is paved with good, clean data.

We do the data grunt work so you can focus on building your AI. 
Our Story

The quality of annotations on training data is one of the most important variables in the accuracy of AI models.

The data annotation industry is still stuck in tech and practices from 20 years ago. Coldpress is an effort to make it better.

Our Vision

Offering easy and reliable client workflows and APIs while scaling human-in-the-loop annotations better than today.


Improving auto-labeling algorithms to a point where humans are no longer required one day.

Our Advantage

Zero friction is our north star. Input and output data schema are configured by you, and everything is API driven.


Coldpress AI Impact

A significant motivation for us

Coldpress AI is a company with positive impact at its core. We hire annotation workers from underprivileged backgrounds and train them in our cutting edge technologies and processes. For many, this is their first chance at a career with growth.

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